Re-evaluation of learning strategies, goals and objectives

It is nice to look back and evaluate how successful I was in realizing my goals and objectives over the semester. My first goal for the class was to improve my speaking and pronunciation. I believe that I have definitely achieved this. My French has come much further along than I thought it would, and I believe that I can credit the music listening and film watching I’ve done at home and in the lab, but also just listening to Professor Burch speak in class. I also believe that the vocabulary that we learned with each chapter that aid in conversation has been great. Also, the tips that Professor gave about earning time in a conversation and “faking it” to sound more fluent are very helpful.

My second goal was to successfully interact with other members of the class in French. This I believe I was able to do much more frequently than in French 115, but I’m not sure if I would classify our interaction as “successful.” It was often very forced and awkward to work with the other members of class. There is always that feeling of not wanting to try to do too much of an accent, even though thats the best way to perfect yours. And then I never knew when to take the initiative within my group. At times I felt very frustrated and as if I was the only one who understood what was going on, and how to achieve the task at hand. It was difficult to feel as if everyone wasn’t as excited about French and speaking French and creating dialogs like I was. That may be a selfish thing to say, but It was still a bit bothersome.

My third goal was to watch more French movies/listen to more French music at home when it wasn’t assigned. I am very happy to say I have met, and perhaps even surpassed this goal. I love watching French movies in my room on the weekends, and lately I’ve been borderline obsessive with Carla Bruni. Watching youtube videos in French and going a bit crazy downloading a lot of French music on Itunes has helped keep my interest in French culture and the French language very big. I’m especially interested in old French music after watching La Vie en Rose and listening to more of Edith Piaf.

My first objective and the most important over the semester for me has been the realization of the diversity and richness of Francophone cultures around the world. My favorite unit of culture was about the immigration. It was so interesting to learn a bit more about the current issues in France. Also, my final project for the honors aspect of the course was an examination of many Francophone cultures around the world. It was incredibly fascinating! I throughly enjoyed all of my research and am very glad that I picked that as my topic. It is something I wouldn’t mind continuing to learn more about.

All in all, I am glad to look back and see that I did pretty good on realizing my goals, and I am very very glad to have had the opportunity to research the Francophone world.

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